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What Are Your Coins Worth? Are they worth more than Face?


What Coins to Look For:

What are your coins worth? Are they worth more than face value to someone who is coin collecting? 

Here Are Some Coins to Look For:

Pennies – 1958 & Earlier.  On  average these are worth about 2 to 3 cents  per coin, but pull out all dates  1909-1916 plus 1931’s and 1955’s (some of these can be worth a lot  more!) Some Key Dates to look for: 1909-S, 1914-D, 1922 with No “D”  under the date, 1931-S, 1955 Doubled Date (date will be boldly doubled,  one on top of the other). 

Nickels – 1938 to 1945  (Large Mintmark above Monticello on reverse designates Silver). 1938 & Earlier  (Buffalo Nickels, Liberty Nickels & Shield Nickels are all worth  more than face value - about .20c per to start.)

Dimes 1964 & Earlier.  These are all 90% silver. The majority of dimes dated 1965 – 2018 are  worth face value. There are silver proof issues, but you generally won't  find those in change etc...

Quarters – 1964 & Earlier.  90% silver and worth much more than face value.

Statehood Quarters – Statehood  quarters are worth Face Value (you can spend them!) unless they are in  U.S. Mint-issued packaging (proof sets, mint sets, etc…).

Half Dollars – 1964 & Earlier.  90% silver and worth much more than face value. 

Half Dollars – 1965 to 1970. 40% silver and worth more than face value. 

Dollars – 1935 & Earlier.  All of these are worth money and start at about $13.00 in 2018!

Dollars – 1971 to 2013 – All  dollars issued 1971 through 2013 are worth Face Value – These include  the Susan B. Anthony dollars, Sacagawea Golden Dollars and Presidential  Golden Dollars. (Unless they are in U.S. Mint-issued packaging.)

All U.S. Mint Packaged Products – U.S. Proof Sets, Mint Sets, & Commemorative Dollars and half dollars (1892-2018) etc… are worth more than face value.

All U.S. Coins Dated in the 1700-1800’s are worth more than Face Value!

Paper Money/Currency  – All Silver Certificates ($1, $5, $10 Blue Seals), all U.S. Notes (Red  Seal $2 & $5 Notes) and anything Series 1928 and Earlier. All Large Size  (1923 & Earlier) U.S. Notes have strong premiums over face value. 

 $500 and $1000 notes are all worth at least 10% over face value and  sometimes much more depending on the condition. 

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